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UX Consulting and Wireframing

We help you in the process of innovation by strategically evolving your idea into a investment ready tangible form.

Outsourced Project Management

We offer professional support to properly manage projects and ensure high quality deliverables.

Independent Testing Services

We help you launch a stable product by providing both functional and non-functional testing services.

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    Eduesse provides UX Consulting and Wireframing services to create high level mock-ups with user interfaces that are useful as well as usable. This involves in-depth research and analysis of requirements. We have an experienced team with varied domain knowledge that understands the business and creatively go about solving the problem.

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What Clients Are Saying

Derek Clarke

Owner, US based Needlepoint Design Company

"Fantastic working with Eduesse!!!! Shweta has been a great help with the process. This has been a painless experience. I would recommend Eduesse. Great to work with professionals. What more can i say perfect job!"

Todd Mexico

Founder, Peeps Tree

"Eduesse has completed the prototyping phase for my mobile application and they have been wonderful. Shweta is very pleasant and professional."

Damnish Kumar

Founder, Yogems

"We hired Eduesse to build upon my idea and freeze requirements for development. Their involvement in the project has helped us to minimize the number of revisions during development. I will certainly recommend them to people."

Abhinav Goyal

CEO, Stellarix Consultancy

"Eduesse has proved to be an invaluable partner - their thorough wireframes has provided greater clarity on scope of the project and has helped me in prioritizing. It was a great pleasure to work with them and we wish them the very best."

Walter Voss

Entrepreneur, US based Education Start-up

"Eduesse has provided me with a very proficient and competent team of website development experts. They were able to identify the exact flow and feel of the site that I had in mind and have brought it to life. Furthermore, they kept me updated and informed and were also responsive to feedback that I provided them. I had talked to many other developers before working with Eduesse, but this company had the most patience and were the most upfront about projected timelines and abilities (that includes American based companies, who often act as a middle-man for India based studios). They were able to find the most cost effective way to get our product up and running, and are now helping us add features and optimize the user experience. This is considering that our project has features like user and administrave accounts as well as other programming intensive components. I very much recommend Eduesse. The team that is working with us right now has very successfully been able to integrate their abilities with our product vision, for a reasonable price and with great attention to detail. 5/5"

Deepak Kumar Behara

Co-founder, www.rankerscafe.com

"We are very happy with the team Eduesse has provided us for development of our project. Our project requires developing a platform that can cater different competitive exams and Eduesse has helped us in making this vision into a reality. I was very impressed with Shweta as well, and she is the key reason I chose Eduesse.Our multi-functionality project is quite complex and team has been able to deliver things without facing a communication gap as well - by paying careful attention to details. So far, so good and I appreciate the work they have done for us"

Deepak Takhtani

Director, RADCRO America LLC

"Eduesse Technologies has energetic staff who are willing to work hard in meeting the goals. Wishing them a bright future."